Saturday, 19th August 2017
For all your pre-owned Neve requirements

SMA provide a definitive European-wide Neve console installation, on-site or workshop repair service and parts support to enhance the lifespan and enjoyment of your Neve console.

With over 15 years experience of working on Neve and other associated consoles and equipment, Scotch McNeil Audio is one of the top companies to contact regarding any aspect of your Neve console, Neve outboard gear or Neve studio installation.

Scotch McNeil Audio know first hand the expense of installation and servicing costs and use our knowledge to the Neve owners' advantage by providing low cost technical solutions to these issues, which allows the owner and engineers to realise the equipments full potential of sound and features.

Scotch McNeil Audio offer bespoke services to Neve console owners including full refurbishment, upgrades and modifications such as replacing capacitors, reconfiguring console layout, upgrading audio paths and designing out obsolescence.

Neve/Martinsound Technologies Flying Faders automation systems are also supported, including installation, servicing, parts supply and technical advice.

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