Saturday, 19th August 2017
For all your pre-owned Neve console requirements


Scotch McNeil Audio has a vast experience of Neve and other console installation, servicing and parts support through a history of working for AMS Neve and previously, Soundtracs. Neil McCombie, Proprietor of Scotch McNeil Audio, worked for Soundtracs plc between 1992 and 1995 and gained experience in testing both individual pcb's and mixing consoles when working in the production environment at the Glenrothes factory in Fife.

Working in the test department allowed Neil to gain experience in the mass manufacturing of small consoles and the cost savings attributed with this. Working within a small team of six people allowed the PCB Test department to grow to achieve the demands in building and testing up to twenty or more mixing consoles per day. Testing of the Solo, Megas, Jade, Solitaire and Topaz ranges of console along with the TracMixII automation system featured high, coupled with the designing and building of suitable test jigs to achieve a 100% pass rate for all of the equipment proceeding through the manufacturing process. On gaining employment with AMS Neve in the spring of 1995, Neil joined the Customer Support Department. Working within an already experienced and dedicated team of twenty nine people associated with workshop repairs, stock control, logistics, telephone support, production support and on-site installation and repair of Analogue and Digital products made the transition between small scale consoles and large format consoles a major step. Support for analogue consoles no longer manufactured, coupled with the on-site servicing and installation of the Neve 55, VR Legend and VX consoles made for continuously busy days with stress, blood, sweat, tears and more importantly laughter commonplace.

While working at AMS Neve, the company offered Neil an opportunity he couldn't pass up on. Continuation of the capacitor replacement program in North America allowed for Neil to follow in the footsteps of Robin Porter. Neil spent nearly two years in the region, travelling between Toronto, Trinidad, New York, Los Angeles and everywhere in between, servicing all ages of V-Series console. The program allowed Neil to develop a greater understanding of the V-Series console range and above all, whilst working independently within Neve organising site visits and refurbishment scheduling, achieve customer satisfaction. After returning from North America, Neil re-joined the customer support department to continue the good work that the department did and also provide additional support to both the Production and Research and Development departments.

Ultimately AMS Neve released the Neve 88R, which was introduced to great acclaim, and the experience in pre and present production aspects involved with the console allowed for both Neil and the customer support department to provide a greater support for this product from the very start. In 2004, Neil decided that his knowledge and experience of the range of Neve analogue consoles would allow more people to get the most from their consoles and equipment by supplying a dedicated non-manufacturing service support. More requests for support were coming from a buoyant pre-owned market of Neve consoles and equipment where owners were not getting the service required to get the sound and features that they expected. With the experience that Neil had gained in installing equipment in some of the foremost professional studios in the world, even the pre-owned equipment owner could benefit in good installation and support service for a fraction of the price usually associated with the high-end of the studio market. From that time, numerous new clients have approached Scotch McNeil Audio and have had successful installation and/or servicing visits which have allowed their Neve equipment to further their business and marketability.