Saturday, 19th August 2017
For all your pre-owned Neve console requirements


After years of working in the studio industry, Scotch McNeil Audio have encountered many people associated with many different aspects of studio design, installation, wiring, servicing and obviously the supply of equipment.
The list below details people or companies that Scotch McNeil Audio know of or deal with on a regular basis.

Equipment manufacturing;
AMS Neve Ltd
Connor Audio

Wiring services;
Cosmic Connexions  
Mode Engineering
Westwick Installations

Equipment supplies;
Funky Junk UK Ltd
AES Pro Audio
Duncan Pro Audio
Maartens Sound and Vision
TL Commerce 
Technical services;
Vintage Neve - Devitt Audio
Outboard Gear - Pierre O. Margerand
SSL & Neve consoles - Dave Nally   
Studio tech service - Geoff Atter & John Earls
AMEK support - Audio Maintenance Ltd
Digital/ProTools - DAT (Ian Silvester)
Vintage Calrec - Gareth Connor

Installation and design services;
Westwick installations  

Listing these associates in no way links Scotch McNeil Audio with these companies and therefore Scotch McNeil Audio cannot be held liable for any subsequent failures of services or support from these companies.